Nigeria Is Not A Country But A Den Of Thieves — Mr. Kanu

Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the separatist group in Nigeria, described Nigeria as a ‘den of thieves and deceivers.’

The head of the Biafra group who insisted on Sunday that a man contracted to usurp the identity of President Muhammadu Buhari addressed Nigerians on Sunday from a hotel basement in Havana Cuba and not the Abuja Presidential Villa as reported by the government, said on Monday that cabals in the presidential villa were plotting to replicate the basement of the hotel in Cuba to taunt his claims.

Kanu, who exiles himself from Nigeria, has insisted over the years on the death of President Muhammadu Buhari. According to him, the president died during medical treatment at London hospital in 2017.

“The external intelligence division of IPOB the M-Branch have uncovered plans by Aso Rock cabal to hastily fabricate a replica of the basement of the hotel in Havana Cuba where Jubril Al-Sudani recorded a poorly scripted video that aired on NTA last night. A broadcast they touted as coming live from Aso Rock was in actual fact recorded in the basement of a hotel in Havana Cuba as I earlier warned the world they would.

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“Workmen were observed entering the Villa early this morning to commence work on replicating the basement conference room of the Cuban hotel from where a poorly edited video, both audio and visual, was shot of a man reading a written statement. They hope to air a video of this hastily built previously non existent conference room on or before my broadcast on Wednesday April 1, 2020.

“During their now usual Femi Adesina photoshop session that precede every grand lie by Aso Rock, they foolishly forgot to give different colouration to the clothing of the fake journalist and cameraman they clumsily inserted in the photo. Carefully observe the photo below. NTA journalists are now on some kind of brown Coronavirus uniform or is this a new Aso Rock live presidential address Ashebi?

“This is how pathetic governance in Nigeria the great British Zoo in Africa has been reduced to. Lies upon lies, deception upon deception. Now it has been firmly established that Jubril’s broadcast was not live but recorded, not from any known location within Aso Rock but from a location far from it, how long will Nigerians endure these humiliating lies and international disgrace? Is there any sensible being out there still in doubt that the man millions of Nigerians have been deceived into calling Buhari is indeed a 45 year old Sudanese actor recruited and paid by ABBA KYARI to act like the dead Buhari.

“Nigeria is not a country but a den of thieves, deceivers, the gullible and reprobates. Let them keep recording fake videos and editing pictures, we are here waiting to dissect and expose them,” he said on Monday.

Last week, the president’s refusal to address the country’s citizens about the coronavirus pandemic sparked outrage among outspoken Nigerians, including an Australian Islamic scholar, Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, who described the president as “an enabler of terrorism” and a “terrorist”.

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