German Police Use Pepper Spray On Anti-Racist Protesters

Demonstrations in support of anti-racist protests against police brutality turned ugly on Saturday in German city of Hamburg with police using pepper spray on protesters.

“At Jungfernstieg, several hundred people, who are apparently aggressive and disguised, put police forces under pressure. We already had to use pepper spray.

“With all understanding for emotions: attacks on police officers are not acceptable!

“Forces were again pressed and thrown at. An injured police officer has already been reported to us.

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“We are threatening the use of water cannons in the Bergstrasse because our forces are still under pressure.

“Approximately 350 people stand in front of our water cannons in the Bergstrasse and show posters. We consider this to be an unauthorized (i.e. prohibited) assembly and are now calling on loudspeaker announcements to move away.

“Despite several requests, the prohibited meeting in Bergstrasse was not ended. The participants are now watered by our water cannons (in addition to natural rain).

“Around the Jungfernstieg, police officers with objects were thrown in the last minutes. We have acted against the respective interferers and have partly also used water cannons,” Hamburg police tweeted.

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