Militaryʼs Health Personnel Deployed To Fight COVID-19 In South Africa

JOHANNESBURG — The South African military’s health personnel on Sunday continued to reinforce the medical profession with the deployment of their staff in Eastern Cape Province to help fight COVID-19.

A total of 35 military nurses, 12 doctors and five clinical associates from the South African Military Health Services (SAMHS) left Pretoria to the Eastern Cape for deployment on Sunday.

“We are sending off a team of health professionals to be deployed to do what we do best in assisting during this pandemic. The team is armed with skills of the healthcare officials and weaponry of the personal protective equipment to fight against this invisible enemy,” said Director of Nursing at SAMHS Zuziwe Maso.

She told Xinhua that the Eastern Cape Province requested assistance because their health personnel can not cope with the increasing number of infections.

Maso called on the people to help the health officials by wearing the masks, exercising personal hygiene and maintaining social distance to win the war against COVID-19.

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