In Nigeria, Women See More Hope In Biafra

The quest for an independent state of Biafra is gaining further momentum following the involvement of women in the separatist movement in Nigeria.

Amid the insurgency in Nigeria, the country has witnessed a secessionist push in the east and parts of the southern region.

Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, a British Nigerian Biafra political activist who leads the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), sees no hope in Nigeria. He believes that the dissolution of Nigeria is the only solution for most of the persecuted Christians in the country.

The much involvement of women in IPOBʼs activities has made faulty the Nigerian government’s claim that those involved in separatist movement are unemployed youth and “terrorists.”

The southern region of the country, known as the Niger Delta, has become a spotlight due to the massive participation of women in the Biafran movement in recent months.

Ms Chikezie Magbo Nkeiruka, who leads women in an area of ​​Rivers State in the southern region, believes that there is more hope in an independent state of Biafra than politics in Nigeria.

“Here we choose to join Nnamdi Kanu and fight for Biafra because we have a lot of hope there than in politics, the Nigerian government and its system,” she told the Africa Guardian.

“We will continue this fight until we achieve Biafra Independence,” said Miss Ebitari Ayebabomete from Bayelsa.

From its inception, Nigeria responded to the separatist threat with a military campaign against the people of Biafra, which resulted in the Nigerian civil war and the 1967/70 genocide.

In 2016 Amnesty International indicted Nigerian army security forces with the report that they had launched “a chilling campaign of extrajudicial killings and violence that resulted in the deaths of at least 150 peaceful pro-Biafra protesters” in the southeast region of the country.

Government forces have killed more Biafra supporters even after the report by Amnesty International and other human rights group.

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