Sex Is 50/50, Stop Selling It In A Relationship — Tracy Zille

Social media influencer Tracy Zille wants women to stop selling sex in a relationship, pointing out that they also enjoy sexual satisfaction, just like men.

The South African influencer, known for her controversial social media posts, believes sex should be paid for with sex and money with money.

“You give him sex to show him that you love him. But when he give you sex to show you that he love you he must pay or spoil you with gifts. What is wrong with you. Sex must be repaid with sex and money must be repaid with money. The same with gifts. You give him sex, he give you sex. He give you money, you give him money. He buy you gifts, you buy him gifts.

“Don’t forget that you also feel good and benefit from sexual satisfaction just like him, so why must he pay? SEX IS 50/50 STOP SELLING IT IN A RELATIONSHIP. IF YOU WANT TO SELL IT GO TO THE STREET LIKE OTHERS,” she wrote on her Facebook page on Wednesday.

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