Russian President Putin To Resign In January

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  • “He intends to make public his handover plans in January.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin will resign in January due to complications stemming from alleged Parkinson’s, media reports said Friday.

Citing Moscow sources, UK publisher The Sun reported that Putin is being pressured by his family to give up leadership of the country for health reasons.

His daughters, 35-year-old Maria Vorontsova and 34-year-old Katerina Tikhonova, along with speculated girlfriend Alina Kabaeva, a 37-year-old ex-gymnast, are influencing the Russian strongman.

“There is a family, it has great influence on him,“ said Prof. Valery Solovei on Thursday, a political scientist from Moscow. “He intends to make public his handover plans in January.”

The reports come as a bill introduced in the state’s legislature on Thursday aims to grant Putin senator-for-life status after he resigns, effectively giving him immunity — even from possible charges against him from before he took office in 2000, RT reported.

Medical experts told the Sun that an analysis of Putin’s body language from videos showed tell-tale signs of Parkinson’s.

Recent footage showed the president sitting down, clutching an armchair in apparent pain while holding a cup, possibly containing painkillers. His legs were also in constant motion.

Parkinson’s is a progressive nerve disease that most visibly affects movement. Prizefighter Muhammad Ali suffered from the disease, as does actor Michael J. Fox.

The 68-year-old Putin, who holds a black belt in Judo, is often shown participating in sports such as hunting, horseback riding, and ice hockey.


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