Two Soldiers Killed By Separatist Fighters In Troubled Region Of Cameroon

YAOUNDE — Suspected separatist fighters killed two soldiers in what security report called an “ambush” in the troubled northwest region of Cameroon.

A civilian was subsequently shot dead in the Kissem village- Mbiame, by soldiers, a gesture said by the inhabitants to be “retaliation”.

Separatist violence erupted in the English-speaking region of Cameroon in 2017, after the crackdown and arrest of activists demanding reform and greater autonomy that the central government rejected, fueling momentum for the declaration of independence.

Violence in English-speaking regions over the past three years after the government and “Ambazonia” separatist fighters failed to reach an amicable settlement, has claimed an estimated 3,000 lives and displaced more than 730,000 civilians, according to Human Rights Watch.

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