COVID-19 Vaccine: PDP blames Buhari over Nigeria’s disqualification by WHO


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has blamed the Nigeria’s reported exclusion, by the World Health Organization (WHO), from the list of nations to receive COVID-19 vaccines following on the inability of the Buhari administration to provide the vaccine storage requirement.

Lamenting the alleged total failure of the APC-led administration, the party described as shameful and unpardonable that a nation as important as Nigeria is being excluded from COVID-19 vaccine intervention of the WHO “just because the APC administration, in its incompetence and corruption, was not able to provide the minimum standard requirement of vaccine storage at the requisite -70 degrees Celsius, despite the billions of naira it claims had gone into the COVID-19 effort”.

The PDP said this embarrassing situation confirms its position that the APC administration is completely incapable of carrying out simple governance tasks, which is the reason the nation is in her present social and economic dire straits.

National Publicity Secretary, Kola Only-begotten in a statement Saturday said, the party has month alerted the nation and tasked the Buhari administration on its lethargic approach to the issue of COVID-19 vaccine and other therapeutics; a caution which was dismissed by the APC and the Buhari administration.

“Nigerians can now see that the claims of commitment by the APC administration are mere media hypes that add no value beyond announcement of figures of infected persons, deaths, recoveries, discharges and issues of local protocols without decisive effort towards epidemiology, researches, production of equipment, therapeutics and other technical requirements, such as vaccine storage to stave off the pandemic in our country.

This development has also confirmed our insistence that the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 is a mere circus group of incompetent politicians, and has no capacity to tackle the spread of the pandemic in our country.

“It also validates the widespread call for the dissolution of the PTF.

“It is indeed sad that because of the corruption and incompetence of the APC administration, our dear nation, which was once a clear continental leader and global competitor in all fields, has fallen so low that it cannot provide simple vaccine storage in a time of pandemic.


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